Fun Facts About Handwriting!

Did you know that National Handwriting Day is January 23?

Letter slant says a lot about your personality!

  • No Slant indicates a practical person.

  • Right Slant Indicates an open-minded person.

  • Left Slant indicates shyness.

  • Round Letters indicates creativity.

  • Pointed Letters indicate Aggression, intense personality, curious nature and intelligence.

  • Connected Letters indicate ease in decision making, logical and organized personality.

Now, take a look at the size of each “l” loop!

You wouldn’t think that your handwriting says much about personality, but just keep reading these interesting facts!

  • Small loops in an L may show signs of anxiety and limiting personality, while large spaces in the loops may indicate a relaxed, spontaneous personality.

  • The same thing goes for “e” loops, in which narrow indicates skepticism and wide indicates open-mindedness.

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s !


  • high dot= imaginative

  • left dot= procrastination

  • slash dot= critical of self

  • centered dot= well-organized

  • circle or heart dot= immature


  • Top: Very motivated

  • Centered: Confident

  • Long: Determined but Stubborn

  • Short: lazy

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