Remembering Your Lost Loved Ones

cryThe most difficult situation in the world is losing a loved one.  There are many ways to mourn in a healthy manner.  According to Mary Cambridge, the founder of Grieving Children, it is o.k. to go through emotionally challenging swings.  The healthiest ways to deal with thee feelings is to  1.  be honest.  You are hurting,.  Trying to hide it, or make jokes to make light of the situation is not going to be helpful.  It isn’t good to bottle in the emotion.  Do as Elsa does, and LET IT GO!  Cry, cry, yell, cry.  It gives you closure.  Now, don’t go around and yell at everyone.  Place your anger on an item–a pillow, doll, or something that is comforting to take out the negativity on.

2.  Keep memories close, but don’t let them overtake your life.  It is great to have items that remind you of the wonderful life you had with your loved one.  But, it isn’t healthy to only think of these times.  moderation is the key to anything in life.  Remember them fondly, but invite new memories in your life, too.  It is o.k. to live.  You are only given one life, too.

3.  Keep an imprint with you always.  keeping small items on you all the time is a way to healthily remember the past, while living in the now.  a ring bracelet or necklace with their handwriting, a pillow made from their shirt, their thumbprint in a charm–something to keep them with you, even when they are not.  You can buy keepsakes like these here

4.  Join a group where others have lost loved ones.  It really helps to discuss your feelings with people who understand.  Supporting one another is a great way to get closure in a healthy way.

5.  CLOSURE is good.  Don’t think of it is forgetting.  Think of it as filing.  You keep trinkets you love tucked away in corners of your house.  Keep the trinket of your loved ones tucked away in corners of your mind.  Visit the corners often, but make new corners, too.