Rewarding The Efforts of Children

ticket2Kids are amazing.  Although many people see little humans who are incapable of doing things correctly, kids are actually very capable individuals.  Many times more than not, children can teach adults things that they didn’t even know.  Moral choices almost seem to come naturally at times and blow away the minds of the on-looking adults.  These situations, and many others, call for rewards.

The word “reward” means different things to different people.  This is because the word has different levels.  Same meaning, but different levels of the meaning.  Here is a basic breakdown:

REWARD is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “money or another kind of payment that is given or received for something that has been done or that is offered for something that might be done.”

As far as the “other kinds of payments” that Merriam Webster is referring to, those are best broken down by as Intrinsic and Extrinsic.  Intrisic are emotionally driven awards, like recognition and satisfaction, whereas extrinsic awards are tangible items attained by the means of a reward for an action.

Both rewards are very satisfying, but when children are involved, it is important to not let a rewarding moment pass without any recognition.  Children are in constant need of recognition.  A good deed deserves a moment of positive words and acknowledgement.  When good actions go unacknowledged, kids will eventually decrease the quantity of good actions, because they think they do not matter.  When this happens, it is common for children to begin acting out and increase negative actions.  The children are aware that although the response to a negative action is negative, it is still a response.  Many times kids just want to see a reaction, good or bad.   They are starved for attention.  Giving positive motivation is a very wonderful way to reward children, witout spending money, or increasing calorie intake with unhealthy items like candy or cookies.

It is important for a parent to know that it only takes a moment to make a child feel special.  One kind word of recognition and pride will go a long way to build a strong, healthy structure of confidence in your growing child.  Confidence is very important and helps a child make solid, important decisions even when parents are not with them.  A parent may not think a “I’m so proud of you” and a hug matter, but a child will keep repeating those good things, in hopes they gather more positive words and hugs–it will be a motivating factor each and every day.  Don’t ignore a chance, they are waiting for your response.  Make it memorable and loving.  Make it matter.

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