Say My Name, But Wear Yours!

We all like to hear our name.  It makes us feel special.  It goes back to the days of Cheers, when Norm would enter the bar, everyone knew his name and called, “NORM!”.

What is is about hearing our name that makes us happy?  Acceptance!  Love!  Recognition! Popularity! I think it is just knowing another person cares enough to give you the time of day, and say your name.

Think of Breaking Bad , Heisenberg wanted the feeling of power, control and respect!  He wanted to here people bow down and say his name!

You can walk around being a stranger to everyone around you, keeping your incognito status with the world, or you can scream your name loudly, without even saying a word!

How can this be?  Scream without speaking?  Yes!  Wear your name, so people around you can say your name!  You can wear your name engraved in jewelry, printed on clothing, and even on bags!  You can enter the public world of society and be known instantly!  Today is the day to stop being shy.  Start gaining the reputation of being bold and known!  Say your name, wear your name, and listen for your name!

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, socks, flipflops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, wallets–ANYTHING GOES!

Don’t like your name?  Wear the names of others!  Favorite celebrity?  YES!  I would love to wear Blake Shelton on my clothes!!  Have kids?  Wear their name!  A true love!!

Find a place for your name at  One Savvy Sister is an awesome store, filled with uniques personalized gifts!  You can get a custom design without any art set up fees!

Say My Name.  Inscriptions.  WEAR YOUR NAME!