If you are a funeral home or urn company that is interested in setting up a wholesale account for Signature Expression handwriting jewelry, please complete the contact form below.  (coming soon!)

Signature Expressions.

 Make a Personal Impression that lasts Forever.

You may see copycats in here, but here is where we differ.
1. We are Original.
2. Our prices are lower.
3. Awesome 24/7 customer service.
4. Comes in a black velvet gift box, inside a labeled box with THE ORIGINAL branding.
5. EVERY DETAIL–EVEN FINE DETAILS show because we use a high-quality, top of the art lasers to technologically inscribe your exact writing.
6. The handwriting is not altered, re-written, or traced. The handwriting goes through formatting transitions without changing shape or form in order to be read by the advanced laser system.
7. We do not use etching pens, or mechanical engravers that cause rough edges, lack of detail or scratched look.
8. Our bracelets are not raw. We purchase the blank bracelets from a high quality supplier at high quality prices, but still keep our pricing low. Many others purchase raw silver strips that don’t go through tempering or polishing.
10. Once we receive the blanks, we graphically process the handwriting on the best graphic software in our office, and bring them to our on-site laser room, where we perform several test marks prior to finalizing the actual engrave–this ensures perfect signature placement and the best finished product possible.

Don’t waste your money on an over-priced item that lacks quality. Save and get the best, original item. The recipient will be impressed and the item will last for a lifetime.

Ready to buy this? Thank you. You chose a great product!

After you submit an order:

The handwriting sample can be either a picture or scan of a handwritten message and can be emailed to us at:

As for formatting the image you send, we can remove words and rearrange the layout, but we don’t ever change the actual handwriting structure.  When you send the sample, just let me know if you have any special requests!

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