Engraved Beads & Custom Bead Jewelry

You think it, we make it!
Tell us your color, style, and closure preference. If you want a theme, tell us that, too! Be as clear as possible on your wishes. We will send you a one of a kind original bracelet!

All beads are high quality stone, glass or metal. There will never be a plastic bead, unless requested by customer.

Themed Bracelets come with 4 theme beads–each additional theme bead is $5.00

Charm Bracelets come with 3 hanging charms–each additional charm is $5.00

All the prices above include up to 4 engraved name beads. Each additional engraved name bead will be $5.00

Pricing and ITEM #s


  • Stretchy Traditional No Charms  (ITEM#STTRNOCH) $30.00

  • Stretchy Traditional +3 Hanging Charms (ITEM# STTR3CH) $45.00

  • Stretchy Theme No Charms (ITEM# STTHNOCH) $50.00

  • Stetchy Theme + 3 Hanging Charms (ITEM# STTH3CH) $65.00


  • Clasp Traditional No Hanging Charms (ITEM# CLTRNOCH)  $35.00

  • Clasp Traditional + 3 Hanging Charms (ITEM# CLTR3CH) $50.00

  • Clasp Theme  No Hanging Charms (ITEM# CLTHNOCH) $55.00

  • Clasp Theme +3 Hanging Charms (ITEM# CLTH3CH) $70.00


  • Toggle Traditional No Hanging Charms (ITEM# TGTRNOCH) $40.00

  • Toggle Traditional +3 Hanging Charms (ITEM#TGTR3CH) $55.00

  • Toggle Theme No Hanging Charms (ITEM# TGTHNOCH)  $60.00

  • Toggle Theme +3 Hanging Charms (ITEM# TGTH3CH) $75.00

Engraved Beads Only

Want just the engraved bead(s)?  Includes one 6mm x 12mm Cats eye Oval Bead

Specify what color bead(s) you want to purchase by using attached color chart.

1 bead $6.50  (ITEM# 1ENGBD)

5 bead set (mix and match colors) (Item# 5BDMXST) $30.00

5 bead set (all one color) (Item# 5BDOCST)$25.00

10 bead set (mix and match colors (Item# 10BDMXST)$58.00

10 bead set (all one color) (ITEM# 10BDOCST) $45.00

20 bead set (mix and match colors (Item# 20BDMXST)  $110.00

20 bead set (all one color) (ITEM# 20BDOCST) 100.00

Want more than 20 or a different type of bead?  Call for 636-321-8566 for pricing or complete an online estimate request!